After I order online, when can I expect to receive my photo mat?

The turnaround time when ordering a photo mat is usually less than 2 weeks. You will receive an e-mail from us the day your order is shipped via Fedex. photo mat only orders are shipped by U.S. Priority Mail. photo mats and frames (or frames only) are shipped via FedEx Ground. During our peak ordering months of October, November and early December, the turnaround time may be a little longer. Our homepage will keep you informed of the approximate turnaround time during the holiday season. All orders are processed on a first come, first served basis.

Can I pick up my order at your house?

Unfortunately, we cannot honor your request to pick up your order at my house. Due to past experiences, it has been an inconvenience, mainly because people have been late arriving or did not show at all. In addition, my business license, as well as my subdivision by-laws, does not allow for my customers to pick up their orders.

Can I write on the mat?

You can personalize your mats by using a Sharpie pen to write names, dates, phrases etc.

Can you cut out numbers as well as letters?

In addition to cutting out letters, we can also cut numbers, apostrophes and clip art (heart, mouse ears, wedding bells etc). To order any of these, click on the clip art button to the left.

Do I need a frame for my photo mat?

All of our photo mats are packaged with X-board backing and a clear bag. After you select and add your pictures to the mat, you can display your photo mat in the bag. You may want to use velcro on the back of the bag, or perhaps add a ribbon to hang your purchase. If you do indeed decide to keep your photo mat in the bag, keep it away from direct sunlight or an area where there is alot of moisture (bathroom). Either of these two locations may cause condensation inside the bag.

How do you add the photos?

Included with your photo mat is a matboard backing. First, assemble the pictures you want to add to your photo mat and lay them out on a flat, clean surface. Open the clear bag, and take out the photo mat and backing. Place the backing to the side and work only with the photo mat. Try each photo to see which one matches up best with the cut-out letters. Secure each picture with one piece of scotch or masking tape behind each letter cutout, working from right to left (last letter of word to first letter). So simply OVERLAP, TRIM and TAPE. This way you can overlap the pictures and keep the trimming of your photos to a minimum. Pictures can be changed and updated whenever you want.

Is the matboard acid-free?

We use only premium Crescent and Bainbridge matboard, both of which are indeed acid-free.

If I call ahead of time, can you bring my photo mat order to a show you will be doing?

For many reasons, this is not practical. With over 487 titles, my staff and I have all we can handle to get ready for each week's show. Because of past experiences, we cannot take your order over the phone and bring it to the show (orders were brought to the wrong show or left on our shelves along with the internet orders). We have different people in charge of frame preparation, mat sizing, photo mat cutting and internet orders. It is simply too difficult for our staff to keep track of individual special requests.

How much are shipping costs?

Our philosophy is that we would like our customers to purchase a completed gift (mat and frame) at a reasonable and affordable price. We ship our photo mats via U.S. Priority Mail. Generally speaking, we make every effort to ship your photo mats within 7-10 days after receiving your order. All orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If your order includes a frame or frames, then we will ship that order via FedEx Ground.

Our shipping and handling charges are $7.99 for the first photo mat, and $1.00 for each additional item on the same order. If your order a frame, an additional cost is automatically added into the price of each frame to cover extra packing materials, a reinforced box and the extra weight of the frame. If you reside in Georgia, 6% tax will automatically be added to your order.

What size photos can you use?

Most 3" x 5" and 4" x 6" photos can be used. You may have to trim some of the photo so it does not overlap into the next opening. Putting one long picture behind several letters creates a very nice effect as well. Experiment and have fun with it!

What size will my photo mat be?

To keep things simple, it was decided to carry only two sizes for the majority of our photo mats. Any photo mat consisting of 3-4-5-6 letters or spaces will be cut in an 8" x 20" format. This is somewhat of a standard size, however you might find it difficult to find a great selection of moulding choices. You can sometimes find this size frame in Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Garden Ridge etc. Look in the collage section. I have also found this size in the framed art area (especially Hobby Lobby and Old Time Pottery). If you order a photo mat that is 7-8-9-10 letters or spaces, then the frame size you will need will be an 8" x 26". This is not a standard size. You can purchase frame sections and assemble the frame yourself. The sectionals are purchased in pairs. You would need to buy an 8" bag (2 sections for the sides) and a 26" bag (2 sections for top and bottom). The hardware to assemble the corners is usually included. You would then have to get a piece of glass cut. Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge etc. can all cut you a piece of 8' x 26" glass. However, I have found that Home Depot and Lowe's will cut the glass at a lower price. If your photo mat is 11 or 12 letters or spaces, then you will need an 8" x 30" frame. We like the fact that we can offer our customers a completed product, so therefore we offer frames in all of these sizes. We can save you both time and money!

Where can I find a frame for my photo mat?

We offer frames (in four choices) that will enhance your photo mat at a very reasonable price. It is our goal for you to purchase a complete gift for yourself or others. If your photo mat is 11 or 12 letters long (including spaces and apostrophes), or a vertical mat of 8 or 9 letters, it will require an 8" x 30" frame. Our frames come with clear glass, flexible points and a hook.

Where can I find stickers to add to my photo mat?

Most craft supply stores (Michael's, Hobby Lobby etc) as well as certain retailers (Wal-Mart for example) carry stickers that you can add to your photo mat. This is a great way to truly customize your photo mat!